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Hacking healthcare to lower costs, improve patient outcomes and transform Care-As-A-Service.

The next generation of healthcare provision is built on MedHack

Telemedicine, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and Health IT commoditization is transforming how we receive care. MedHack places all these discliplines onto a practical, open source platform to power the next generation of healthcare industry leaders.

MedHack was started in 2019 by a collective of developers, healthchare industry strategists, students and researchers to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare markets around the world.

"Over $1 trillion a year is wasted in the U.S. from bloated adminstrative processes to expired pharmaceutical products. This comes from a supplier-centric industry, versus a patient-centric one. MedHack is transforming this dynamic, starting in the US, and exporting working models abroad."

Mike, MedHack Co-Creator